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Facilities managers responsible for the climate control and air quality of commercial and institutional buildings, corporate headquarters, banks, manufacturing and warehouse operations of every size and complexity rely on us. Since 1968, we have specialized in refrigeration, cooling, heating, and dust-collection equipment to keep comfort zones and productivity on the mark.

...But There’s Nothing Lukewarm About Our HVAC Service Commitment.

Thermal Service of New Jersey offers manual and automated HVAC systems design and installation. We specialize in upgrades, retrofits, and fitout, retubing, rebuilding, and overhaul. sheet-metal fabrication, boiler and cleaner service, as well as water tower maintenance and repairs. Comprehensive planned maintenance programs and 24/7 emergency service are dispatched from our Edison, NJ, headquarters.

Our technicians have an average tenure of 10 years or more. We develop long-term relationships – essential to “uneventful” plant operations. At Thermal Service of NJ, we understand our customers’ needs and are equipped to satisfy them.

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